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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

(Recognized by NCTE, Govt. of India and Affiliated to BSAEU and WBBPE)

Our education system needs to go from “Is Teacher Training Institution important?” to “Our teachers MUST be trained regularly”, only then can any other change we bring into our education system impact students positively.
Training teachers is necessary in the 21st century mainly because current-generation students don’t comprehend traditional teaching methods. We cannot teach students of today with approaches of yesterday. Students in the 21st century need personalization in education. The Indian education system has been following the habit of seeing the classroom as a whole and not as individual students, which is unfair to most students. Each student is unique in myriad ways including in the way they think, analyze, understand, and go about academics. It is therefore essential for our existing system to bring in this change. Training teachers to know how to view their students as unique individuals with different learning styles is a game changer. Once teachers understand this and know how to cater to the various learning styles, they will positively impact hundreds and thousands of students.

Courses Offered for You

Bachelor of Education

A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) equips individuals with pedagogical skills, to become competent educators, shaping minds with their will. It blends theory with practice, fostering learning’s art and empowering teachers to ignite knowledge in every heart.

Diploma in Elementary Education

Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) is a program Focusing on teaching techniques and pedagogy, it’s a platform To train educators for primary school settings, Equipping them with skills for effective teaching and learning.

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